IRA Accounts

All IRAs require a $25.00 minimum deposit.  IRA certificates are available with a minimum deposit of $500.00.

 A traditional IRA is a tax deductible retirement saving account.  Earnings and contributions grow tax deferred until they are withdrawn.  Contribution limits do apply.  Withdrawals can be made at 59 ½ without penalty and mandatory withdrawals begin at age 70 ½.

The contributions to a Roth IRA are pre-tax funds, thus when they are withdrawn, income tax is not withheld.  Early withdrawal penalties do apply before retirement age of 59 ½ .

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
Saving for a child’s private or college education is a daunting task.  Coverdell Education Savings Accounts make it easier for parents and family members to contribute to the child’s future.  A contribution limit applies and the earnings are tax deferred.

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